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For students in Prof. McCarron's class

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Off Campus Access

What do you need to access resources from off campus?

  1. Your email address.
  2. The password for that email address.

Contact Sara with questions or problems.

Printing in the Library

  • You only need your UML ID card to print. 
  • You have a credit of 150 pages every semester.
  • All the computers in the libraries will allow you to print.

Videos from the session

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Healthy People 2020


MassCHIP is a powerful statistics tool that has a ton of health related data.  Keep in mind the following:

  1. Every computer on the first floor of the library has MassCHIP loaded.
  2. If you want it on your own computer, it is only available for PCs, but not Macs.  
  3. It is free to download, but may require some adjustment to computer settings.
  4. The data is not as up-to-date as you may expect.
  5. When running a query you are asked for a username and password: masschip (username) and password (password)
  6. Don't rush it!  It takes some time to get the data.  Watch the blue bar at the bottom of the screen.  It will tell you what percentage of data has been downloaded.
  7. Geography, age and other selector values are not consistant over all data sets.  You may find the town you are looking for does not have data for that data set you want.  

MassCHIP Training

This is just the Powerpoint slides from Dr. Nannini's presentation.

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